Landscape Impact: Substantial Stone Spheres Of Bold & Enchanting Delight

Landscape Sculpture Of Sizeable Impact: Spherical “Stones”

Impactful spheres of “Stone”. A contrast among the landscape they are grounded within. Shape and form. A sphere (from Greek word “sphaira” for “globe, ball”) is referred to a round geometrical object in three dimensional space. For certain, these circular stones of solid form are rounded objects with visual weight, height and substance. Distinctive globe forms (with the surface of “stone” or other hard materials, such as limestone or concrete) that offer visual and architectural interest to the surrounds that they settle and embed upon. Firmly and deeply embedded. Objects of impact, for certain.

And of the history of round objects of spherical formation? Thought to be linked to the references of astronomy and navigation, circles also represent the eternal whole are an considered an archetypical form representing the sun, the earth, the moon, the universe, and other celestial objects between. No beginning and no end. Perhaps the round, spherical form is a reminder of the galaxy beyond us –“a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas and dust, and dark matter”. Holding a visual of free movement, the graceful shape of a circle offers a seeming calm and soothing appeal. For certain, there is something unexpected about the spherical circular shape found within the landscape of our exterior worlds. Yet delightful.

Eleanor& Sam Lothrop
Researchers Of Costa Rican Stone Spheres: Eleanor& Sam Lothrop/1950’s

Of course, one cannot focus upon spheres of stone without acknowledging the ancient stone spheres of Costa Rica. Enduring as one of the strangest mysteries in archaeology, the discovery during the 1930’s of over 300 round, massive stone balls have continued to pique the interest of the world. Sculpted from the hands of ancient sculptors from “grandodiorite” (a hard, single block of stone solidified from of lava), these monolithic sculptures were found ranging in size and varying in workmanship. Found in the jungle, twelve miles from the Pacific coast, upon excavation for a structure built by the United Fruit Company, those that would come to research these massive objects of stone would find that these were nearly perfect spheres. Amazing. It is also interesting to note that no “unfinished” spheres were ever found. Of even further interest is the fact that the Costa Rican quarry was over 50 miles from the locations of these massive, mysterious bolders of spherical form. Imagine! Since moved from their original locations (and some destroyed) the basis of a scientific layout of these boulders of round form, by the ancient hands that revered them, can no longer provide an answer as to their true meaning and purpose. Stone “globes” which held great importance and significance of which will remain unknown. Objects from an ancient culture that still survive without knowledge of their true purpose. A mystery that will never be answered. Perhaps there are some things in life that will always remain a mystery but will always endure in earning appreciation. Enormous stones of intrigue. Round spheres of solid form that will continue to offer enduring appeal of massive proportion and visual delight

Costa Rica's Stone Spheres:  Mystery In Archeology
Costa Rica’s Stone Spheres: Mystery In Archeology

And of the polished, stone orbs that fill the landscape and add architectural interest within the lush green natural world that surrounds us? For certain, the form itself deserves a visual appreciation. Unexpected, perhaps, but distinctive just the same. The solid forms of sizable impact go far in providing a focal point of contrast and texture. Consider the spherical formation of solid “stone” globes. Architectural interest within the landscape, indeed….

Round Spheres Of Solid Form:  Visual Interest Within The Exterior World
Round Spheres Of Solid Form: Visual Interest Within The Exterior World
Spherical Delights Within The Garden
Spherical Delights Within The Garden
Circular Objects Of Visual Impact: Large Round “Stones”
Architectural Embellishments Within The Garden: Spherical “Stones”
Round “Stones”: Visual Impact & Architectural Interest
Spheres Of Substance & Visual Delight
Spheres Of Substance & Visual Delight
Spherical & Substantial: “Stones” In The Garden
Spherical Objects Within The Garden Landscape
Spherical Objects Within The Garden Landscape
Stone “Spheres” Of Architectural Distinction

The spherical form as an classic emblem of architectural structures & embellishments endures to provide historical appeal. A timeless emblem of classical form

Spherical Impact:  Charleston, SC
Spherical Impact: Charleston, SC
Spherical Impact:  Charleston, SC & New Orleans, LA
Spherical Impact: Charleston, SC & New Orleans, LA
Round Distinction:  Charleston, South Carolina
Round Distinction: Charleston, South Carolina
Spheres:  Visual Impact Of Enduring Distinction
Spheres: Visual Impact Of Enduring Distinction

A nod to the world of horticulture and the artistry of shape found within…
Consider the spherical formations of meticulously pruned and shaped emerald green boxwoods. An artistry of form that hold an appeal of classicism. These ball-shaped foundation plantings offer visual delight of the highest form of gardening. The stately boxwood itself is deemed as “Man’s Oldest Garden Ornamental”. Timeless…

Spheres In Landscape Formed Within Nature:  Pruned Boxwoods
Spheres In Landscape Formed Within Nature: Pruned Boxwoods

Of course, the round object of solid form found within the interior also earns an unexpected delight. Appreciation of this form with no beginning or end…

Interior Impact: Spherical “Stones” As Objects Of Interest

Consider with appreciation the spherical “Stone”. Form and contrast, texture and interest. Although the mystery of their original formation remains unknown, the visual display of intriguing appeal within the landscapes of our exterior world (and even our interior worlds) will endure to offer an ongoing unexpected delight. Circles in nature. Perhaps the mere visual of “polished” stones offer a nod to the “Circle of Life”. Polished reminders of solid form. Enchanting, indeed…



“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help”
-M. Sarton

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for”
—Georgia O’Keeffe

The Lure Of The “Dock”: Wooden Forms That beckon

The Allure Of The "Dock"...
The Allure Of The “Dock”…

The lure of a dock is enduring. Waves that lap against its wooden form seem to beckon our footsteps out onto its perch in the midst of the waters that it boldly stands within…

Perhaps it is the recollection of my childhood and youth on the dock that stands within the Northport Harbor on Long Island, New York, that grips my memories and brings me to a place of deep contentment. And of the sound of one’s footsteps embarking upon the boards and planks of strength? A sound I yearn for, indeed.

The history of the dock dates back to 4500BC and the Egyptian harbor of Wadi Al-Jarf, off the Red Sea Coast. An enduring structure of history, for certain. The word “Dock” is taken from the middle Dutch word “Dok” and the low German word “Docke”. Defined as a “man-made structure involved in the handling of boats or ships on or close to a shore“, the dock that lures those on foot is continual. A long-lasting lure, indeed. In American English, a dock is referred to as a “pier” or “wharf”. Piers are termed as “structures that extend into the ocean from beaches to accommodate fishing” and “The structure that extends along the shore or out from the shore into the body of water in which boats may be moored”. Of note, the area between the water and the pier is called a “slip”. The terms “Jetty”, “Landing”, “Landing pier” and of course, “Harbor” all denote the boards of strength that jut their form into the waterways of delight.

Whatever the “dock” visually references to you, it is the dock that harbors and berths boats that my recollections linger upon. Recollections flow of boats being guided by the “Harbor Master” to the “berth” (mooring a ship to it’s alloted place). Day and night. The harbor and the life that could be found linked to the “Dock” provided a continual appeal to those of us that were fortunate to be within its locale. The joys of life by the harbor’s edge….

And of the “dock” of my past? The Dock of Northport. My childhood, my youth and my early adult years. Perhaps a personal homage to this pivotal structure that represents my past. Vivid memories I recall on the wooden planks that extended into the Long Island Sound….

Planks That Beckon
“Planks That Beckon” (The Northport Dock. Long Island, New York)
My Images...Long Island:  Northport Harbor "Dock", Circa 1991
My Photographic Images, Circa 1991 of Long Island/Northport Harbor “Dock”

And of the copper covered pilons that have turned green, like Lady Liberty’s coating of distinction? Enduring enticement that I will continually recall. Life’s recollections are beautiful…

Northport, Long Island:  The "Dock"
Northport, Long Island: The “Dock”

The lure of the water and the extension to it on the boards of the dock is seasonless. Whether a frozen layer of water beneath its posts or calm waters in the season of sublime weather or the crash of waves on a cool and breezy Fall day, the lure endures. Beckoning us to step upon the surface, in the middle of the ocean, sea, lake or river. The waterfront beckons.

However you approach a dock, no matter the terrain or water source, a moment seized to walk its planks is a moment to appreciate life. If only to stop and take a moment respite, as the natural world surrounds us. Nature paired with a structure of purpose. Jutting out into the waters, standing on planks of great strength, there is a a feeling of freedom and a sudden awareness of life itself. Appreciation of the “Dock” and it’s wooden form that beckons, indeed….


Myself, (circa 2004) On The Dock Of Northport Harbor, Long Island, New York
Myself, (circa 2004) On The Dock Of Northport Harbor, Long Island, New York