In Acknowledgment Of The Passing Of A Supermodel: Tatjana Patitz

Vouge Italia, February 2023

Tatjana Patitz.

An ode to Tatjana…in acknowledgement of an icon in fashion whose impact will endure to live on…

Tatjana Patitz (1966-2023) was a German model. And a Supermodel. It was during the 1980’s and 1990’s that her stardom would ascend and she would appear on the covers of fashions glossies. Born in Hamburg, West Germany and raised in Skanör, Sweden, Tatijana would become one of the top supermodels who ruled the runway in the 1990’s. The volume of photographic captures of Tatjana is vast. This tribute is a mere capsule of her gift to the world of fashion.

For one who fell in love with the art of fashion…and grew into womanhood following the rise of the Supermodel…the impact of life’s brevity has struck again with the loss of one of the greatest, Tatjana Patitz.

Again, a mere visual compilation of images in acknowledgement….

Tatjana Patitz…Covers of Fashion


Captured By Photographer Herb Ritz:

“My favorite face is probably Tatjana Patitz.  I think I’ve photographed her more than anybody, and to me more than any of the women she has the most unusual face:  Strong, oval, the almond eyes and those strong lips- and it’s her gaze, her inner self that always comes through so strongly”Herb Ritz

Captured By Photographer Peter Lindbergh:

“I admire Tatjana because she always stays herself.  She’s very soft, but at the same time she’s very strong and knows how to stand up for what she thinks, and it’s always very enriching to be with her.  It’s impossible not to admire her and over the the years not to be just a little bit in love with her” – Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh, 1990 Vouge Italia
Captured By Photographer Patrick Demarchelier:

“It’s hard to get a bad picture of Tatijana.  She’s very photogenic, which is very rare and she looks different in every light”Patrick Demarchelier

Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Gracing The Glossies Of Fashion…Tatijana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz

She possessed an exoticism and broad emotional range that set her apart from her peers”Nigel Barker “The most lasting images of her are when she was really looking like herself.”- Nigel Barker

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Tatjana Patitz: Fashion Past & Fashion Forward

“Indeed, Patitz’s features almost confuse. Like Garbo  or the Mona Lisa, the inexplicable gifts of line and luminescence defy definition”Harper’s Bazaar

Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz

“Always the European symbol of chic….She was far less visible than her peers — more mysterious, more grown-up, more unattainable — and that had its own appeal.”- Anna Wintour, VOUGE

Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz

“One of the original supermodels and a must in photographs and on the catwalk”.  Vogue, 2012, Grace Coddington

Tatjana Patitz

“At just shy of six feet tall, Teutonically self-composed, and dominating any room she cared to walk into [sic], Tatjana was the biggest beast in the seething jungle; Vogue amplified the comparison by fixating on her lynx-like eyes, impossibly blue and curved around the temples like a cat’s”. –  Vogue Model: The Faces of Fashion.

Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatijana Patitz

“Patitz is greatly responsible for establishing the acceptance of statuesque and curvaceous beauty in an industry of extreme thinness” – Author Linda Sivertsen

Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatijana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz. An Equestrian Love.

In acknowledgement of her love of horses….

“I have been riding since I was a small child. For me, it means freedom, connectedness, and dedication. Horses transform stress and worry for me. They are genuine and spiritual. They make me happy and relaxed, especially if I feel pressured or tense”. – Tatijana Patitz

Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Patitz

Perhaps one cannot fully acknowledge the impact of Tatjana in fashion without acknowledging the SUPERMODELS...

The proclamation of the Supermodel could be attributed to the glossy cover of British Vogue in January of 1990. An Era-defining cover at the start of a new decade, for certain….

British Vogue 1990: “The Big Five” Supermodels

For those that recall the Era of the 90’s Supermodels and lived through that heightened time in fashion.. a brief recap of the time that will forever inspire me…

It was a moment in time when fashion was about fashion.  And the images of models wearing the styles of designers graced the covers of fashion’s glossies.   Fashion as an art form.  And the models that represented the changing styles and transformational chameleons the models became at the hands of makeup, hair and photographic artists that captured them. Supermodels.

Truth, I was one who purchased these glossies from the magazine stands since the mid 1980’s, a time in which the term “Supermodel” is said to have surfaced as models began to experience a level of celebrity.  But it was during the 1990’s that a group of five models rose to unprecedented superstardom through fashion’s glossies and its catwalks. The Supermodels emerged- “a select group of individual-looking, business-minded, high-profile fashion models”, often referred to as “The Big Five”:  Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Tatjana Patitz. The original Supermodels. Icons of the time. But as in the world of fashion, the world of the Supermodel would evolve again to include Claudia Schiffer (who is said to have replaced Patitz).  The arrival of Kate Moss would evolve to “The Big Six”. Many more models would also rise to Supermodel status. It was an Era, indeed…

And yes, I had curated a collection of covers and glossy prints of the Supermodels portrayed in the art of fashion’s branding and visual merchandising. I watched it all happen. And I became a woman along with the Supermodels. For in later years I realized that they were not much older than I. The time was quite magical. And unique. Watching the five women in print- chameleons by way of the designer, photographer and makeup/hair artists that positioned them for the glossy visuals and unleashed them onto the catwalks that would endure to impact and sell fashion. And inspire. It truly was an art. Fashion. Designers. Photography. Makeup artistry. Five women. And it was thrilling to visually flip through the different glossies each and every month. Which Supermodel graced the cover this month? And yes, during the 1990’s I often splurged on the glossies of European Vouges. I was smitten with the art of it all.

Alas, all things rise and fall.  And by the late 1990’s, the glossy covers of fashion would elevate Hollywood celebrities and Pop singers.  The iconic Era of the Supermodel, as it was once known, no longer had the limelight of fashion’s focus. Perhaps I hold a very passionate stance on what fashion once was: The designer and the model-and the photographer who captured it all…No other group of models have matched the influence and status as the original Supermodels. To acknowledge the impact the Supermodels had is to understand fashion in a poignant decade of time

“White Cotton Shirts” By Peter Lindbergh for Vouge
Tatjana Patitz..later years

“I am proud of my wrinkles. I worked for each one and they belong to me. Growing older is beautiful. You become wiser and more mature. For me, giving away or changing that gift is not an option … Beauty means being a good person and being there for others. In my opinion, beauty is not only about looks, but everything that makes up a person” Tatjana Patitz, 2019

Tatjana Patitz, Harpers Bazaar 1990

The legacy of a Supermodel. In images. A visual acknowledgement. A woman. A mother. Taken by breast cancer. She was 56.


Fashion & The City

May: Fashion & The City: Chicago

May. Fashion and the city, Chicago. Again, another blending of style and the details of the city and its streets. Joint inspiration from behind my lens, indeed. Quick snapshots in time of changing visuals in a city. Without a doubt, it was officially Summer. And a sweltering Summer day, at that. With temps in the concrete jungle in the high 90’s, the “real feel” was clocked in at 104 while perusing the Gold Coast off Michigan Avenue. On this particular day, breezes from Lake Michigan were non-existent.  It was merely hot, hot, hot. But onward. Onward to rejuvenate myself and focus on the details and the city scene I was immersed in. Chicago Love. Fashion Love. City life love.

Spring Into Summer Green Off The Chicago River

With a nod to Memorial Day, the windows of Ralph Lauren offered a classic American visual of fashionable style. Polo Style. All white delight, and the red, white and blue stars and stripes that we love. Classic Americana. Summer in America, for certain.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo: Classic American Fashion

Of course, Max Mara always gains several compilations from behind my lens. A mass of stylish mannequins always lures my camera…

Max Mara: Style & The City

Structure & Stylish Substance: The City & Max Mara

Fashion Windows & City Details

Structure & Fashion’s Timeless Form: Max Mara

Michael Kors City Style

Vivid Tones In The City: Hugo Boss

A City’s Stylish Reflections: Chanel

Fashion & Timeless Structure: Chanel and City Details


Neiman Marcus: The Marred Mannequin & The City

A word about a photographed mannequin from behind the stylish windows of Neiman Marcus. Shock from behind my lens. As I have been capturing visual merchandising from behind my lens for over 5 years, I had yet to come across a mannequin on Michigan Avenue, from such a high-end brand as Neiman’s, with a marred face. As I stood there, debating to share such an image of visual faux pas, I began to ponder as to how the visual merchandiser found it acceptable to leave the mannequin in the window with such glaring defects. Alas, perhaps it is only those of us that truly stop to view, to admire, to look at the details, that notice.  Maybe the thought was it would go unnoticed by the fast paced shoppers that only throw a glance towards the fashionable whimsy behind the expansive windows of glass.  Yet to me, as a photographer of high style mannequins, I expect more. Higher standards, if you will.  Perhaps I am in alignment with the well said quote below…

“I have the simplest taste. I am only satisfied with the best”   -Founder Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus

City Style: Burberry And The City

Fashion and the city. One more compilation in time. Visual merchandising that changes monthly and the structure and form of the city. A love affair that continues.



The Photographer In The City. Selfie, Buberry’s/May 2018

Fashion & The City

Fashion and the City/Chicago/March 2018

Fashion & the city. Entwined. Architecture and the city. City scenes and fashionable luring windows endure to bring appreciation from behind my lens. An ongoing attempt at capturing the essence of fashion’s change in a structural world of distinctive architectural details. A love affair, indeed…

Spring onward, from behind the lens…

The Beauty Of Neiman Marcus  Visuals & City Details

City Patterns & Color Bursts Of Style

Seasonal Nods Of High Style, Neiman Marcus

Fashion and the City, Louis Vuitton

For the Love Of Chanel…And The City Of Chicago

Two Loves: Fashion & The City

The Windows Of Prada, The Artistry Of Visual Display & Details Of Substance In A City

Color Burst, Tom Ford & City Scene

Stripes & City Style: Max Mara

Fashion & The City: Always Entwined. Max Mara.

Burberry Fashion & Architecture

Appreciate the details that surround you. Looking closer, looking upward you will find details of beauty. And from behind the thick glass panes of fashion’s changing stage? Inspiration and appreciation of fashion’s whimsy and artful displays of style will loose you, if but for a moment, into the timeless and often fantasy world of fashion.

Breton Stripes At Max Mara

One side note…On this day, March 31, 2018, Jcrew has deemed it to be International Stripes Day.  Befitting that the image below finds me in Jcrew stripes. Breton Stripes forever!



Self Portrait Off Burberry’s Reflective Exterior.

Fashion & The City

Fashion & The City: February 2018

So it was February. Fashion and the city. Intertwined. As fleeting as time is, the changing windows of fashion move at the speed of the city streets. Constant. To see the world of fashion behind the windows of a city is to see the city itself that these representations of style dwell within. From behind the lens, once again, my shift has changed to add the details of the city and street scenes paired with fashionable style…

Max Mara In Chicago

Max Mara In Chicago

Burberry Tulle & Parisian Architecture, Chicago

Burberry & The Icon Of Chicago

Blue Skies: Michael Kors & The “Bean”

Chicago Details & A Fashionable Mannequin Of Saks

Hugo Boss Style & City Details

Fashion & The City (Zara)

Consider the city surrounds and the fashionable representations therein. City life is certainly a mix of energy and fantasy. Look closer.  Look upward. Appreciation for the visuals and details that surround will only bring gratitude for the very gift that each day brings.  Alas, I will never tire of saying it…“Every day is a gift”.

City love and fashionable love, Onward,


The Photographer…

PS: Perhaps capturing myself in my own way is documenting personal change. Internal change in recollection of a moment captured. Time and place. With change comes growth. Onward into change. There is freedom in that, indeed.

Fashion & The City

Chicago, January 2018

Fashion and the city. Two loves. The art of fashion and the architectural city. Chicago.  For the last few years I have presented a monthly visual of the mannequins of high end fashion that grace the streets of Chicago. Oh, Chicago. A few snapshots of my love of the city and the fashionable streets joined together.  Fashion is linked with the city it surrounds. To me, the two are entwined.

Like fashion, my life continually changes.  Perspective.  As I have held firmly to the word “onward” in recent years, in the first month of this New Year I was struck by another word.   Prevail.  Just as truth prevails, the city prevails. As a word that can be used in several contexts, in this case,  fashion and the city that surrounds prevails in continually offering us such a vast array of visual delights.   Oh, for the love of the energy of the city, the architectural delights and the changing visual world of timeless and whimsical fashion that awaits behind shiny panes of glass off the streets of a city. Not to mention the sounds of the city.  Or the weather itself that changes the city seasonally.  On this particular day intense fog rolled in and shrouded the city by afternoon end.  Oh, for the love of Chicago in January.

That said, a New Year, a new intent, onward…

Chicago, January 2018

Chicago, January 2018/Burberry


Chicago, January 2018/Burberry

Chicago, January 2018

Chicago, January 2018/Tom Ford

Chicago, January 2018

Chicago, January 2018

Chicago, January 2018

Chicago, January 2018

Chicago, January 2018

Fashion and the city.  Architecture and fashion as art.

From behind the lens I offer my perspective which is a personal passion and a love of the city and the world that resides within its realm.  A world of fashionable fantasy, architectural history and reality.  Onward in appreciation of all of those elements.  Life.  The world that surrounds us and the joys we find within our realities are gifts.  From behind the lens I will continue to capture what inspires.  City inspirations, indeed.


The Photographer. Self Portrait. January 2018.

City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In December

Fashionable Chicago

Fashionable Chicago in December. Holiday style, captured.  Another year, from behind the lens, comes to a close. Fashion off the city streets of Chicago. Never the same. So it is with a love of the fashionable windows that I continue to put forth the images that inspire me of fashion’s art. The mannequin and the fashionable changes that drape them. We do what we love, in the end. Perhaps these blog posts of monthly fashionable journeys are visuals that I can recall with delight. That therein is enough reason to capture, compile and publish quietly to the world.  Has it been 5 years of never missing a month in sharing these fashionable images from the city streets of Chicago? Alas, time flies.  As we contemplate and review another years end, it is with thought, consideration and passion that we choose to move forward. It is the only direction.

For the love of what inspires us, onward…

City Scene: Michigan Avenue in December

Tiffany’s Visual Delight

Cartier’s Holiday Fantasy

Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Style

Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Style

Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Style

Celebratory Louis Vuitton

Oh, for the love of Max Mara’s windows. It endures. Perhaps it is the timeless simplicity that the visuals bring forth. But of this December’s windows I must comment on the nod to fashion’s past. Stylish toppers that recall fashionable yesteryear of classic feminine style. In classic black, indeed…

Nod To Fashion’s Past: Max Mara

Max Mara Style In Classic Black

Max Mara: Classic Style In Timeless Black

My Personal Love Affair: Max Mara Windows In Classic Black

Max Mara: Topped In Style

Max Mara

Holiday Color Pop: Max Mara

So it was pure delight to see the Parisian flare reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s French Riviera style and the Breton stripe shirt.   My favorite fashion icon, for certain. Timeless. Cheers, Max Mara, for another classic display.

Max Mara: Striped Delight With A French Flair

New Year’s Nod, Macy’s State Street

Consider what inspires you. Follow it. For in the end, as each day is a gift, it is the joys the delight us that should layer our worlds. So the city streets, the city itself and the changing fashion that represents the season and the art of fashion are a few of my delights that give me immense delight. Onward in the New Year, from behind the lens. A new perspective ahead. Perhaps a new fashionable perspective from behind the lens, too. Change is always good. After all, there is no change unless something changes. Onward in that.



Photographer In The Reflection, “Selfie”

City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows of Chicago in November

Fashionable Chicago In November

So it was November. And in Fashion, like time itself, change is inevitable. Fashionable streets of Chicago in a month that preludes the Holidays. Yes, fashion and the city. A city bedecked in pre-holiday fete from the windows and beyond. Perhaps no other words are needed except a recap of the visual delights that awaited the eye on the city streets. Fashion and the photograph. If, but for a moment, captured in time. Onward we go to the holidays and celebrations that follow…

Join me in the photographic journey, as we near years end, in appreciation of the windows of fashion on the city streets of Chicago. November in Chicago. The Magnificent Mile and the Gold Coast. Behind the lens, onward…

Fashion And The City, Max Mara

Neiman’s Holiday Style

Holiday style, Neiman Marcus

Holiday Fete, Neiman Marcus

Holiday Dazzle, Neiman Marcus

Holiday Statement, Neiman Marcus

Holiday Prelude, Neiman’s

A Hugo Boss “Holiday”

Mad For Plaid, Burberry’s

Mad For Plaid, Burberry

Layers Of Burberry

Styled Chairs, Burberry

Burberry & The World Of Visual Merchandising

Chair Style: Burberry’s & The World Of Visual Merchandising

Ferragamo: Bedecked In Style

The Windows Of Marc Jacobs

Golden Palms & Classic Black: Michael Kors

Kate Spade, Joy

Silhouettes Of Style, Carolina Herrera

Chanel. Fashionable Statements Endure

Fashionable Chanel

Black And White: Tom Ford

Max Mara, Winter Prelude

Max Mara, Winter Prelude

Max Mara, Winter Prelude

Max Mara, Winter Prelude

Max Mara, Winter Prelude

Max Mara, Winter Prelude

Fashionable Winter Impact: Moncler

Winter Whimsy: Ralph Lauren

Consider with appreciation the fashionable windows that surround. There is always something to delight the eyes. Whether whimsy or pure, classic style, fashion endures to inspire, to excite and to push those of us onward in appreciation. Details of an art form captured from behind a lens. In a moment of time, indeed.

Time.  It is all we have.  The moment.  Let’s relish the moment and with gratitude appreciate the gift of time.  That, therein, is the greatest gift to be reminded of during the holidays. At the onset of Christmas and a New Year, may your inner world be one of appreciation and gratitude.  The world before us.  Our life.  Our perspective.

For me, from behind the lens, onward in that.  Although few may read these words, respond or peruse the images, it is with the inner passion of sharing the art and beauty of fashion that I continue to push forth the images that I am inspired to capture and present.  Impact.  If but for a moment…in time.



Fashionable “Selfie”, Caught in the reflection paired with city fashion window love

City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In September

Fashionable Windows Of Chicago: September

Chicago in September. What was a warmer than usual September day on the city streets of Chicago, the Autumnal inspirations were evident. The city was launching into a fashionably forward Autumn. The tops of trees that held just a tinge of Autumnal change off the Chicago River led me to my monthly jaunt in search of fashion’s changing windows. Yet it seems that the lens of my camera pointed at less windows than usual. Perhaps the pending change of season’s brings forth a change within me and what truly inspires me. Change is good. Fashion is everywhere, but there are some months that I seek for greater inspiration than I find. Alas, less is more. A mantra that I follow, indeed.

And sometimes a moment, while in the whirl of the city life that envelopes you, is needed to focus on the details of a city. Simple park benches off the Magnificent Mile. City scenes to take in, for certain…

September Seating, Michigan Avenue/ Chicago

Onward to the collected inspirations found from behind my lens. Onward to being inspired but what each of us are moved by…in appreciation.

Chanel Launch: Gabrielle/Macy’s State Street

One cannot help but meander inside the grate stately old Marshall Fields, now Macy’s, to see the visual of the launch of Gabrielle. In love with the interior and the fragrance, indeed…

Gabrielle, Chanel Launch at Macy’s, State Street

Saks Fifth Avenue: “The Runway Starts At Saks”, Michigan Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue: “The Runway Starts At Saks”, Michigan Avenue

“The Runway Starts At Saks”

Tom Ford: Fashionably Poised In Black

Visual Merchandising and The Mannequins of Tom Ford

Fashionable Chicago In September

Chicago’s Fashionable Windows In September

From one who never tires of being inspired by the changing fashionable windows, onward in changing seasons and fashion ahead. For the love of a city and it’s fashion, ONWARD…




City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In August

Fashionable Chicago In August

Chicago. There is something about August that brings our attention quickly to the pending change of Autumn that lies ahead. Perhaps there’s a yearning for denim (Oh, I adore denim). A yearning for layers of fashionable style. Alas, perhaps not beyond the cool, crisp Autumnal days of Winter white that loom in the distance, but the beautiful days of Autumn that will precede. Fall. My personal favorite time of the year. The windows of Chicago change, once again, to match the season that seems to be arriving. As I embarked the city streets, camera in hand, I was reminded again that with any season it is the details of fashion and the fashionable form that continue to energize me. City life, city fashion, city style. Onward to fashionable changes ahead…

Fashion & The City: The Magnificent Mile

Burberry: Denim & Style

Details Of Style: Burberry

Fashionable Windows Of Chicago

Celebration Of Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue

Deep Hues Of Color: Saks Fifth Avenue

Fashionable Details: Saks Fifth Avenue

Stella McCartney & Saks Fifth Avenue

Fashion & The Mannequin: Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus: Details Of Style & Form

Tweed Style: Chanel

Fashionable Details Of Chanel

Max Mara Style

Fashionable Max Mara

Consider the fashionable world that surrounds. If only for inspiration of the art form itself. The world that surrounds us can daily inspire us. It is changing constantly, as we are. Appreciation of the art forms found within the energizing city life endures to move me forward. Onward, always.



City Inspirations: Fashionable Windows Of Chicago In June

Fashion’s Windows Of Chicago In June

Chicago in June. Late June.  On the cusp of July and the heated streets ahead. Yet June itself brings forth a burst of Summer from behind the windows of fashion and onto the city streets. Summer in full swing.  Even on such a day in June clouds and lake breezes brought layers on and off.   Summer in Chicago.  And of inspiration? Inspiration was found and captured behind the lens upon the windows of fashion, indeed.

There are so many words that I have shared and expounded upon on these posts of fashion in the past that should carry through to each monthly collection of images. It is a passion. It is style in a moment. Captured. Perspective. The art form of fashion presented for those that notice. I do. I seek it…and inspiration follows. Behind the lens….Chicago in June.

Salvatore Ferragamo: Black & White Delight

And of Chanel’s windows? Need I say French inspiration abounds? Having just returned from Paris, seeing the French Empire Chandelier a part of this iconic tweeded window of Chanel on Michigan Avenue offered me pure delight. Merci, Chanel, in gifting us a bit of French style onto the streets of Chicago…

Classic Chanel & The French Empire Chandelier

Chanel, Chanel: Windows Of Fashion…

Tom Ford: Sequined Attitude

Saks Fifth Avenue: Visual Impressions Of Fashion

White & The Windows Of Ralph Lauren

Summer White: Timeless Ralph Lauren

Crisp, Classic Ralph Lauren

Summer’s Windows Of Fashion

Capturing Max Mara

In a word…one of my favorite windows of Fashion… Max Mara. Expansive panel windows of striking mannequins that beckon me. Classic and timeless. Strikingly presented. Perfect to have my own recollection of one of these moments in time. In the distance…

Max Mara: Always A Love Affair Of Style

Max Mara Style: Summer

The Windows Of Fashion: Max Mara

Stylish Mannequins Of Max Mara

Max Mara On The Magnificent Mile

Fashionable Style: Max Mara

Coral Delights Of Summer: Max Mara

Burberry Style On The Avenue

Burberry Windows On The Avenue

Details Of Burberry

Michigan Avenue, Tiffanys & Lady Gaga. Style, Onward.


Consider the windows of fashion as an inspiration for change.  Fashion changes.  We change.  We continually change. We continually discover.  Life is all about change.  Onward in that.  In appreciation for the fashionable world that surrounds, I move forward.  Next month is merely a click away, indeed…



Captured While Capturing Fashion’s Windows… in City Treads to walk the Mag Mile