Olympic Inspirations Of Personal Determination & Style

Inspired by the sheer determination and drive of the Olympic athletes…
A dream of a lifetime and a lifestyle of choice, a life of training to develop the skills necessary to successfully compete and go for the gold….

It is said that beyond the elite athlete’s physical condition through endurance, commitment and training is the basic skill of visualization to achieve peak performance; achieving goals. We can all relate to that aspect of the Olympian’s journey. An appreciation of their ability to surpass the intense pressure, anxieties and possible fears of failure are life’s lessons for us all. Consistent mental training paired with intense physical training is the stated key to their success. The Olympic spirit of these athletes is immersed in expectations, determination, strength, endurance, coordination and focus. Intense focus and drive. Again, life’s lessons for us all. Perhaps, as we admire and ponder in awe at the accomplishments of the athletes of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and of those that came before them and those that will yet claim the Olympic medals of achievement, we can gain a renewed appreciation for the skills they developed and utilized to achieve a dream of a lifetime. A golden experience, indeed. Perhaps their self-motivation and laser-like focus can inspire us all within our own lives to act, set goals, accept failures and strive onward to meet our own personal goals and dreams. Focussing not on the struggles and challenges ahead, but rather, thriving in the journey itself as we set our sights on the end goal. Responsibility, accountability and consequences.

Life is certainly our own journey and the gold we strive for is our personal aspirations that may change through time. The goal is not the end result but the journey. Congratulations to the Olympians and to those that are inspired to emulate their personal determination. Live life with drive and intensity. And do so in style.


“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well”
– Pierre de Coubertin (founder of the modern Olympic Games)