Mirrored Reflections: The Mirror And Its Muse

Mirrored Reflections Of Style
Mirrored Reflections Of Style

The mirror. Oh, the image that looks back upon us as we gaze upon its reflective surface! Of course, the timeless and vain quote “Mirror, Mirror, here I stand. Who is the fairest in the land?” (Wilhelm Karl Grimm, Grimm’s Fairy Tales) perhaps seems to echo in our minds when we consider the focus upon the reflection in the mirror. For certain, as an object that reflects light and images, mirrors are used not only in decoration and interior design, but first and foremost, to reflect oneself. Personal admiration, perhaps, or confirmation of grooming for appearances sake. Of interest, it is said that life is a “Reflection Of Intent”. Intent is described as having a purpose, goal, objective, object, desire, ambition. Interesting…

To appreciate the mirror and those that linger in its reflection, a tribute with images of beauty. The mirror and its muse. Unique images of individual beauty. Timeless reflections in the mirror…

Vintage Reflections In Fashion's Archives
Vintage Reflections In Fashion’s Archives
Vintage Reflections Of Elegance...
Vintage Reflections Of Elegance…
The Image In The Mirror...
The Image In The Mirror…
Mirrored Reflections Of Beauty (Kate Moss/American Vouge/Paris Ritz
Mirrored Reflections Of Beauty (Kate Moss/American Vouge/Paris Ritz
The Mirror And Its Muse
The Mirror And Its Muse
Reflected Visions Of Mirrored Display
Reflected Visions Of Mirrored Display
The Timeless Allure Of The Mirror:  Reflections
The Timeless Allure Of The Mirror: Reflections
Iconic Supermodel, Christy Turlington
Iconic Supermodel, Christy Turlington

And what does the mirror hold for us as the years march on? Perhaps the fulfilled goal of a life well lived that reflects back to us. A reflection that we have been bestowed with, either way. Alas, although we may not see the reflection of an image that earns a photo shoot on a glossy page of a fashion magazine, the image that reflects back at us is unique to each of us. Whether it is the reflection of you in the prime of your life or the evidence of years that adorns your face, it is the acceptance of the face before you that provides contentment in who you are. And of the fine lines that we earn with the passing of years? Lines of wisdom and grace. Age is beauty. Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. That said, find the beauty within your reflection. Behold yourself as a gift. A unique gift. Distinctive beauty only you uniquely possess. Remember the quote that “Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out”. Life is beautiful. And of life? We only have once to live it. Intent. Live a beautiful life and the inner beauty within you becomes evident outwardly to all. Reflections that the world sees. Purely ours alone.

And of the reflection of yourself in the mirror? Beautiful you, indeed…


Elle 1952, Model, Marie-Helene Arnaud
Elle 1952, Model, Marie-Helene Arnaud

“Every man carries with him through life a mirror, as unique and impossible to get rid of as his shadow.” -W.H. Auden, The Dyer’s Hand

“The mirror is not you. The mirror is you looking at yourself”- George Balanchine

The Demure And Bold Elegance Of “Pink” Lipstick

"Pink Lipstick"
“Pink Lipstick”

With the official arrival of Spring, perhaps there is no better time to peruse through one’s collection of lipsticks and lip color. An array of choices that more than likely provides a range of palettes in color choices to match one’s Seasonal whim and fancy. And what of the shade of pink? Certainly, the choices are endless if the need for a new shade of inspiration in a hue of pink is required. Oh, we all do so love a new tube of lipstick at the beginning of a new Season! And for certain, there is a perfect shade of pink for all. No matter the age, every woman can don a hue of pink lipstick magnificence….

"Pink Lipstick"
“Pink Lipstick”
Fashion's Archives: Pink Lipstick
Fashion’s Archives: Pink Lipstick
Variations Of "Pink":  The Allure Of Pink Lipstick
Variations Of “Pink”: The Allure Of Pink Lipstick
Timeless Color:  The "Pink" Lip
Timeless Color: The “Pink” Lip
The "Pink" Palette:  Classic Lip Color
The “Pink” Palette: Classic Lip Color

Whether a sweet, demure soft pink or a bold and vibrant statement in fuchsia pink, “pink” lipstick is sure to add instant gratification. An indulge in pleasure. Spring, indeed. Whether a rich satin, creme finish or a matte application that slides on the lips luxuriously or a saturated stain or high gloss shine, the variations of texture with long-lasting pigmented color will deliver a beautiful focal point to one’s face. One’s perfected “pout”

Fashion Forward:  "Pink" Lip Style
Fashion Forward: “Pink” Lip Style
A Bold Pout. (Model, Lara Stone)
A Bold Pout. (Model, Lara Stone)

And of the gorgeous and bold addition of shocking color with a daring and vibrant fuchsia ? Alas, a fearless color that assimilates itself to the bold strength of the red lip (my perennial favorite, indeed). Like red lipstick, the brave magenta hue certainly can create a signature look. I, for one, adore a deep, bold lip. Daring color. Indeed, there is no timidity when embellishing one’s lip with a swipe of bright, vivid and perhaps shocking pink. A luscious lip. Although the vivid hues may not be for everyone, I applaud the woman that don’s these rich hues of vibrant and lavish intensity. Full lips with intense color, for certain…

Vivid Color:  The Bold Fuchsia Lip Color
Vivid Color: The Bold Fuchsia Lip Color

Whether flaunting a rosy ‘pout’ of subtle and demure elegance or striking drama, the “pink” lip will always be in fashion. A constant perhaps by Seasonal fascination. The embellishment of the lip with color. Sublime. Consider pink. Like the red lip, perhaps it is an addition of attitude. Either way, it is instant delight. Once applied, instant color that embellishes the lips adds warmth to the face and perhaps provides a brighter outlook. Who knew the power lipstick holds? Power, indeed. Without fear, as always. And of my devotion to the hot pink hue of intensified color? Without fear, indeed.


Personal Affects Of Beautification: Daily Essentials On Display

Personal Grooming Essentials:  Stylish Affects Within The Interior
Personal Grooming Essentials: Stylish Affects Within The Interior

The adornment and decoration of daily essentials. A part of our daily ritual, the display of products of grooming and beautification deserve to be attractively arranged within our interior spaces. A pivotal part of our lives, why not be displayed in a stylish manner?

The word “Essential” is described as “Constituting or being part of the essence of something, inherent” and “Basic or indispensible. Something fundamental and necessary, indeed. A part of our day, for certain. “Cosmetics” is termed as “Colloquially known as makeup or make-up, cosmetics are care substances used to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body”. There is certainly vast world of diverse personal care & beauty products products to embellish oneself that includes fragrances, cosmetics, facial and body creams, toiletries and tools of beautifying. And of the products that we choose to add to the beautification of ourselves? Personal preferences of beautification and enhancement. Essentials of personal choice that can be arranged in stylish display….

Personal Care Embellishments
Personal Care Embellishments
Indispensible Ingredients On Display
Indispensible Ingredients On Display
Beautification & Scent:  Essential Decorations Of Personal Preference
Beautification & Scent: Essential Decorations Of Personal Preference
Personal Care In Full View:  The Adornment Of  "Basics"
Personal Care In Full View: The Adornment Of “Basics”
Stylish Enhancements With Beauty Products And Scents
Stylish Enhancements With Beauty Products And Scents

Consider the way in which you group and display these personal affects of beautification. Alas, not all products deserve visual attention, yet rethinking how products can be arranged is essential to adorning our personal spaces attractively. Daily requirements of personal preference can certainly be gathered and grouped in an appealing manner. Rethink what surrounds you and how it is displayed. Styled in a beautiful visual, these elements become a pleasure when styled “at the ready”, awaiting our daily routines. The embellishments of daily essentials. Enhancement on display, indeed. After all, life (and what it is filled with) should be beautiful.


The Allure Of Dramatic Style: Winged Eyeliner

The Allure Of "Winged" Eyeliner (Iconic Supermodel, Linda Evangelista)
The Allure Of “Winged” Eyeliner (Iconic Supermodel, Linda Evangelista)

The iconic makeup style of lining the eyes and finishing with a “Wing” at the end, extending past the lids, is a classic makeup addition. In fact, the art of the eyeliner has been practiced by makeup artists and fashionable women for decades and its history is ancient. What has been done with fashionable style from fashion’s archives is renewed again. The “Winged” eye not only is a flattering look when done with a steady hand and perfect application, but provides the illusion of longer, even thicker lashes. Ahh, the lashes every woman desires! An instant touch of glamour and “lift” to the eye, indeed. Drawing attention to the eye while enhancing and often changing the appearance of the eye’s shape, the “Winged” eyeliner look has an appeal that remains a classic.

The “Winged” effect began its history with the ancient Egyptians. Alas, Cleopatra and the characteristically heavily lined eye depicted in ancient Egyptian art. In fact, of interest, history speculates that eyeliner may have been worn to protect the wearer from the “Evil Eye”. Who knew? Eyeliner of ancient origin was based on a variety of materials, including lead, copper, ore and antimony. It was during the 1920’s, with the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, that is said to have introduced the use of eyeliner to the Western world. Quite a history in makeup, indeed. The timing is said to have been perfect, as the 1920’s was an era associated with many changes in makeup for the fashionable woman. Makeup application became more liberal, thus the entrance of the black winged eyeliner took center stage on fashion runways. Influences from the past, indeed. It could be said that the strongest historical influence of this classic winged style occurred during the fifties and sixties, yet each decade held a strong love affair to the eye of bold distinction. By the 1950’s, however, the winged “Cat Eyes” became an essential part of the decades makeup style or “look”.

The versatility and possibilities of “Winged Eyeliner” can be attributed to the many variations of products on the market and the application itself. The length and thickness of the “Wing” or “Flip” can dramatically change the look. Of the makeup concoctions available in the world of cosmetics today, there are four formulas for creating this dramatic style: wax-based liner, powder-based liner (Kohl), Liquid liner and Gel liner. Choices for creating a statement of style with a different effect, indeed. Liquid liner is an opaque liquid that is applied with a tiny brush or felt applicator, ensuring a sharp, precise line. Often creating a heavier look than the others, it is typically applied only to the upper lashline. Indeed, the iconic images fashion models of the past attest to its drama! In fact, the thick, ebony line of style continued in the 1960’s with the introduction of liquid eyeliner. The liquid line created an even bolder, thick, black wing, favored by many designers of the decade. Wax-based liners are soft pencils or compacts with brush applicators that contain wax, creating an ease of application. Powder-based liners(Kohl) are a bit more challenging as they are soft and can smudge. Found in a pencil and pressed or loose powder, Kohl provides a softer approach to the winged effect, for certain, but drama is still gained. Gel liner is similar to kohl, but easy easily applied with an eyeliner brush. A softer application with ease of application. Of these many variations, from striking bold lines to softer, a more subdued “wing”, the skill that one acquires with the practice of application is certainly worth the time taken. A bold, striking and flattering statement that can certainly find a use in our makeup whims or social events where drama is always embraced. Timeless and classic, the “Winged” appeal will forever remain a “Classic”…

Winged Style":  The Bold Eye
Winged Style”: The Bold Eye
The Art Of The "Winged" Eyeliner: Perfected
The Art Of The “Winged” Eyeliner: Perfected
Defining The Eye In Bold Style
Defining The Eye In Bold Style
Iconic "Winged Eyeliner" Style:  Linda Evangelista
Iconic “Winged Eyeliner” Style: Linda Evangelista
Timeless Model Inspirations Of "Winged" Style
Timeless Model Inspirations Of “Winged” Style
The Glamourous & Exotic Eye:  "Winged" Eyeliner
The Glamourous & Exotic Eye: “Winged” Eyeliner
Vouge's Iconic Cover:  Bold Drama With "Winged" Liner
Vouge’s Iconic Cover: Bold Drama With “Winged” Liner
Vintage Elegance:  The Dramatic Eye
Vintage Elegance: The Dramatic Eye
Vintage Vouge:  "Winged" Style
Vintage Vouge: “Winged” Style
"Winged" Eyeliner:  Vintage Vouge
“Winged” Eyeliner: Vintage Vouge
Vintage Inspirations Of Bold  "Eyeliner" Drama
Vintage Inspirations Of Bold “Eyeliner” Drama
Reflections Of Fashion's Iconic Bold Eye
Reflections Of Fashion’s Iconic Bold Eye
"Mod" Takes On The Bold "Winged" Eye
“Mod” Takes On The Bold “Winged” Eye
A Return To The Classic "Winged" Eyeliner
A Return To The Classic “Winged” Eyeliner
Iconic Style:  A "Winged" Kate Moss
Iconic Style: A “Winged” Kate Moss

The expressive and dramatic style of winged eyeliner is timeless. However, one must be aware that it is attitude that successfully wears this style. A personal statement of style, perhaps. A bold statement that one adorns fearlessly when facing the world. Certainly a classic compliment to the bold lip, it is also a stunning addition with the neutral lip. Defining the eyes while showcasing the contours of the eye, the aesthetic illusion is stunning. Bold style of dramatic nature. Fearless in attitude, indeed. Flattering on all eye shapes, the sharp or smoldering and elongated appearance that requires practice and patience will certainly never go out of style. Rather, it is classic “Fashion” with an allure of dramatic style, indeed…