Blushed: Pink Hues Within The Interior

Blushed Interiors

Blushed. A word that references an unexpected pink rosiness to the cheeks in delightful response, so, too, does the infusion of pink fill interior spaces with unexpected delight. Blushed in pink. And can the color be layered in a modern, sophisticated appeal? Indeed it can. There is elegance in a color that nature paints its blooms. Perhaps with appreciation, this compilation of hues of blushed pink tones will showcase the timelessness of a color. With modern appeal, for certain…

Hues Of Blushed Pink
Interior Inspirations: Pink Infusions
Layered In Pink
Blushed Pink Hues In The Interior World
Blushed In Interior Style
Infusion of Color: Pink Hues In The Interior
Blushed: Kissed With A Touch Of Pink

As Winter’s barren effects and pure white snow surrounds, perhaps there is no month more appropriate than February to present a visual of blushed pink hues. A burst of pale color seems the perfect infusion.

Consider in appreciation the addition of pink to the world of interior spaces. Seasonless in style with perhaps a boldness even in its faded form. Pink is not for the timid yet its hue in our modern world of design offers an elegance of classic beauty with a modern edge.  I’ll blush to that.



My Interior World: A Blush Of Pink

The City Apartment…Smaller Spaces With Maximized Style

Small Spaces: Interior Style

The city apartment. For those of us that have or currently dwell in apartments above a city…this collection of images is for you and for those whose aim is to take to the heights with a less-is-more approach to possessions. For me, perhaps reminiscing about one’s early days in the city is a worthwhile recollection.  Memories of growth and independence, for certain. Without a doubt, one’s first city apartment surely holds memories of being “young, optimistic and resilient”.  Perhaps when one looks back it is with an awareness that happiness was and is certainly not equated with the size of one’s space.  Rather, personal style knows no limit by square footage. Personal style can truly begin from the humble first apartments that sit high above and amidst the city surrounds. At least, this was true for me.  City havens that find our personality, that inspire our creativity and our inventive spirit to call the four walls we dwell within our personal perfection. The city apartment. High in style within a city and world that surrounds that is constantly moving.

Perhaps there is no other interior space that requires a “Less is more” approach (courtesy of architect Mies van der Rohe) to what surrounds than in the four walls of a city apartment. Of note, Mies van der Rohe adopted the motto “Less is more” to describe his “aesthetic of arranging necessary components of a building to create an impression of extreme simplicity. Every element and detail is to serve multiple visual and functional purposes”.  Oh, so true when we look to our interiors. Large or small. Especially within the square footage of a city space. Perhaps it can also be said that filling such a space aligns itself as “the art of things chosen well rather than often”.  Surrounding oneself with the things that have meaning and purpose and that are part of who we are today. Quality vs. quantity, indeed. Alas, less is more.

“Good style is good editing” – Thomas Jayne

Whether a small studio or a spacious, multi-room apartment with heightened ceilings, personal style pairs with purpose and function, scale and proportion. Each room presenting a clearly defined purpose with careful attention to space planning and arrangement of the furnishings that gain our permission to fill the space.  For some, it is minimalism. For others it is filling a space with curated belongings collected through the years. Of course, editing is key in order to allow a space to feel more spacious while giving significance to the items that remain. Significance, the key word. It is said that the best rooms have a refinement of taste and that simplicity is the essence of style.  Designer and novelist Edith Wharton (1862-1937) once said that “The supreme excellence is simplicity”.  Oh, indeed. That said, the key to any interior is making the space you have work for you. Tailored to suit your lifestyle. Designing each room for maximum use while incorporating elements that reflect your personal interests and style within the space you reside within.   Style & taste cannot be defined by the size of a room. Square footage does not matter.  We only have the space we have…cheers to living with what is truly important, in stylish and refined form…

Collected images to inspire.  May you find inspiration and appreciation for the city apartment. City love and city style, onward…

Small Spaces: City living Love
City Style Within The Interior
City Spaces Of Interior Style
Style & The City Apartment
Interior Style: Apartment Living
Simple Delights: City Living
Personal Style Inside City Walls
Style In The City
City Apartments: Four Walls Of Style
City Apartment Style
Stylish Spaces: City Bound
City Love: Interior Style With Smaller Spaces
City Style: Within 4 Walls Of A City Apartment
High On Style: The City Apartment
Personalized Spaces High Above City Streets
City Style
Living Above A City: The City Apartment

Interior Delights Of Personalized City Spaces
Striking Spaces: City Style

“A gem of a house may not be its size at all, but its lines are honest and its painting and window curtains in good taste”- Emily Post

Consider with appreciation the city apartment and the stylish spaces that do not require much square footage but simply personal style.  Again, Style & taste cannot be defined by the size of a room.   So to those that adore the city and the life within it, bravo to creating refined style in smaller spaces.  Style cannot be limited by size.  Onward in that…with style.



My 1st City Apartment: A Chicago Studio/ 1994

“My space is small. My life is big”.

Reflections….a personal visual homage to my first city apartment.   A small studio off Lake Shore Drive in a vintage 3-story apartment building.  A homage with a few excerpts of my written words while living in that space:

“It’s morning. The traffic of horns awoke me. The overcast Chicago sky provides enough daylight so that even the details of the tall ceiling with its double edged rim of white crown molding speak of the history, charm and simplicity of this studio of mine. The wood floor surrounding me shines with a golden glow. When my eyes focus on the walls before me and around me, I see the basic designs; the simple display of the pieces the comprise my life, as yet.  A table holding a few silver photo frames. A lounge chair that makes a statement all its own. A bed that becomes a day bed by day.  A pair of silver candlesticks on the mantle and candles below awaiting a match to alight the beauty of the marble hearth before them. Oh, the outlined form and subdued details of the fireplace in relief forms of dancing cupids outlining it in elegance.  The wirework basket holding black and white matted photographs of architecture taken from behind my lens.  The bathroom with its stemmed porcelain basin of white,  tub and mirrored cabinets. Towels of pure white. The marble window ledge covered with silver bowls filled with lipstick and flanked by bottles of fragrance. Each part of this studio so close to my heart. The kitchen and its black and white checked floor with a wrought iron bistro table. The large window with a view of Lake Michigan and the traffic of Lake Shore Drive.  The expansive window ledge where the coffee bodum awaits my morning brew.  A simple black and white picture of New York City dotting the wall. Simplicity.  Filled with all essential pieces to me. Basic and indispensible. Representing and defining who I am; who I have become. The closet, lined with cotton broadcloth and denim shirts and black blazers in a neat row. Stacks of sweaters, denim jeans and v-neck white tees on the shelf.  A stack of books atop the built-in 3 chest drawer filled with essentials. The simple silver pull chain cord above for the closet light.  The door. The mirror behind apartment 3G. What will I remember about this studio apartment of mine? It will always live on in spirit.  None will be like this. A chapter in my life…”   -Kristin Abrahamsen, Chicago 1994

Personal Details: The city Window/My Bathroom /1994

The Striking & Enduring Appeal Of Harwood Floors

Hardwood Floors:  Distinctive Interiors With Wood Appeal
Hardwood Floors: Distinctive Interiors With Wood Appeal

Hardwood flooring. Perhaps there is no other interior flooring that not only imbues floors with color and luster but also adds character, warmth and a spacious, visual appeal. Considered one of the most desired and treasured part of a homes décor, hardwood flooring seems to evoke interior richness with a timeless, classic appeal. If wood floors last a lifetime and gain character with age, for certain the newer hardwood flooring options of distressed and hand-scraped hardwoods also will also offer an appealing timeworn appearance.

Hardwoods can vary from blond to black, depending on the type of wood and the finish. Of course, hardwoods also vary in durability, grain patterns and color. The most common hardwoods for solid wood floors are red oak, white oak and maple. Preferred for their hardness and durability, oak, maple, and cherry are among the most common. However, exotic woods such as mahogany and Brazilian cherry are prized for their distinctive striking appearance over durability. Personal design choices, indeed. Of course then there is the style of the wood flooring. Narrow strips (that seem to create the illusion of space), wide boards (which can impart a rustic appeal) and the distinctive, geometric design of parquet floors (which are often found embellishing more formal interiors). All present different effects within an interior. Choices. For those of use fortunate enough to have original hardwood, with its timeworn appeal, we can merely relish its beauty and appeal within our own personal spaces. In  a visual  appreciation of hardwood flooring within the interior world, a compilation of collected images awaits…

Glistening Hardwood Flooring: Interior Delights
Glistening Hardwood Flooring: Interior Delights
Enhancing A Home: Hardwood Flooring
Enhancing A Home: Hardwood Flooring
Warmth & Character:  Hardwood Flooring
Warmth & Character: Hardwood Flooring
Glossy Finish & Hardwood Floors
Glossy Finish & Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Flooring Appeal
Hardwood Flooring Appeal
Hardwood Flooring Delights:  Interior Spaces
Hardwood Flooring Delights: Interior Spaces
Wood Flooring Finishes Within The Interior
Wood Flooring Finishes Within The Interior
Hardwood Distinction Within The Interior
Hardwood Distinction Within The Interior
Beautiful Interest Within The Interior:  Hardwood Floors
Beautiful Interest Within The Interior: Hardwood Floors
Glossy And Visually Spacious:  Hardwood Flooring
Glossy And Visually Spacious: Hardwood Flooring
Light Wood Appeal:  Hardwood Floors
Light Wood Appeal: Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Floors & Interior Design
Hardwood Floors & Interior Design
Interior Appeal With Hardwood Flooring
Timeless Flooring:   Hardwood
Timeless Flooring: Hardwood
Personalized Space:  Atop A Vintage Wood Floor
Personalized Space: Atop A Vintage Wood Floor

Consider the beauty of wood flooring. Distinctive and timeless, the natural wood flooring surface will live on in the world of interior design. My personal love affair with wood floors has endured over time and will surely remain my coveted flooring of choice. For those that prefer the underlaying of carpeting, beauty can also be found in quality fibers underfoot. Yet for me it is the glossy and natural appeal of hardwood flooring that seems to present the perfect backdrop, along with the painted walls within an interior, which sets and presents the decoration of a space and personal display at its best. Onward in appreciation of hardwood floors within the interior. Whether old or new, wood endures with timeless distinction…



“Like the walls of a room, the floor is a background: It should not furnish the pattern, but set off whatever is placed upon it” – Edith Wharton