June’s Coral Crush

Coral. The color that infuses a warm, bright and almost tropical feel. Undersea Coral reefs, the seaside and sheerly beautiful places swirl around in our thoughts.

Coral is described as having four parts: Red, peach, pink and orange. The various hues of coral can even include a persimmon, tangerine and blood-orange tones which adds visual intensity and creates a wonderful color combination that covers the bases of the realm of coral color hue. It is amazing how colors come in and out of fashion. Truly, coral has made a strong comeback in fashion and decor. But the color coral has never faded in its appeal. That said, the coral hued lip has NEVER gone out of style during the sweltering days of Summer. A perfect “pop” of color that says “Summer”, indeed.

Interestingly, Roman clothing history even included the coral hue. Roman clothing was typically red and was produced by using a cheap dye from the root of the European herb Rubia tinctorum. The root of this herb produced a dye in various red-based shades, including the coral hue. Who knew?

As with any color, it matters not whether you add touches or drench and saturate yourself and your spaces with color. Simply adding color is the key. That said, infusing the coral hue into our spaces and our attire is a fresh, bright revision. There is absolutely a place for this color hue throughout the year in both interiors and in our fashionable world. With that said, there are those that prefer to embellish oneself and one’s spaces with coral hue typically during the heated months of Summer. Either way, coral hue can filter into our lives with easy admission.

Accessories are always a winning technique to incorporate a colorful change by season. Consider adding a beautiful coral color hued warmth of a glass candleholder to enjoy the glow on a warm, Summer evening. Or grab your coral hued clutch (with lipstick inside, of course) and embark on a memorable adventure. Life is an adventure, isn’t it? And about that pop of bright lipstick? Fabulous. I truly believe that all you need to simply brighten your day is a dab of lipstick. (Alas, I am a huge advocate of lipstick! It is my necessity, as I simply adore it…) Consider the accessorizing adornment of coral hued jewelry. Adding the perfect shade of coral nail polish can be another enhancement of this sultry, tropical shade. However you choose to integrate this color, remember that coral is a beautiful, stunning color that we all can possess in many stylish ways, both in our spaces, and in our attire.

Rethink the varied hues of coral. And, cheers to a wonderful Summer, imbued with color! The Coral hue can certainly add to a Stylishly Summer indulgence, indeed.



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