“Legendary Style” & Timeless Icons Of Fashion: Tiffany’s & Christy Turlington

Tiffany's & Christy Turlington:  Legendary Style Campaign Fall 2016
Tiffany’s & Christy Turlington: Legendary Style Campaign Fall 2016

Christy Turlington and Tiffany’s. A perfect pairing.  It is termed that “Legendary” is to be remarkable enough to be famous or very well known and that “Style” is a manner of doing or presenting things. “Legendary Style” paired together with an object and a woman is Tiffany’s stunning visual campaign for Fall of 2016.

Not a new topic of focus from my archives of the era of the Supermodel, it is Christy Turlington who has remained as an enduring icon of the art of the model to me. In October of 2013 I applauded the Return To The Cover: “Iconic Supermodels” Gracing Harper’s Bazaar (which paired with the distinctive beauty of another enduring icon of modeling, the striking Linda Evangelista). For certain, iconic style repeats with iconic models. Another photographic visual of modern elegance paired with minimalism in design, indeed.  Christy Turlington has always seemed to represent timeless yet modern elegance.   A perfect union with the Fall 2016 campaign launch by Tiffany’s

“I am sort of a less is more kind of girl and I love to just pick something I love and just wear it”.
“When I hear Tiffany I think iconic. I think New York. I think modern.   
When I hear Tiffany I think forever”

– Christy Turlington, Tiffany’s Fall Campaign 2016

Christy & Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti

Christy & The Tiffany T

To appreciate the artistry of the Fall 2016 Campaign for Tiffany’s a short film and documentary entitled “Some Style Is Legendary” directed by Oscar®-nominated, and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler (also director of The September Issue) certainly deserves a viewing.  Inspiring, for certain. In search of a new creative marketing brand campaign, Tiffany’s paired with creative partner, Grace Coddington, an esteemed fashion editor for 50 years and creative director at large for American Vouge magazine. Coddington sought a “Very modern Tiffany’s because I think the jewelry is super modern”

“For generations, Tiffany has defined the true meaning of legendary style. For our latest campaign, we set out to find the best creative talents both behind and in front of the camera, to present our iconic collections. Who better than Grace Coddington, a style legend in her own right, to serve as our creative partner.”

-Caroline Naggiar, chief brand officer, Tiffany & Co

Creative Partner For Tiffany's, The Fashion Editor Icon, Grace Coddington
Creative Partner For Tiffany’s, The   Fashion Editor Icon, Grace Coddington

With a goal of modernity “In a major way”, Coddington found her inspiration from past close up images of model Kate moss taken against a blue background by photographer David Simms. In the short film documentary, Coddington described the color blue, New York and of course, Tiffany’s.

“Blue is a very extraordinary color.  It’s a very positive color”- Grace Coddington

“I always say “why do I love New York?” its because the sky is always blue.                                               It’s an extraordinary city because it is old and yet its also incredibly new.
In a funny way that is how you can describe Tiffany’s. It’s old and its new. It’s not ever going to be slotted into one century or another, I think.   It’s sort of endless.” – Grace Coddington

Oh, so well stated….

Regarding the photographic campaign, Coddington stated “I like when its really simple and straightforward
 Thus Coddington’s aim to “Express a moment in a photograph” and present an image that is “Just a moment’ was certainly successful.  In the end, Grace Coddington certainly achieved  her goal of keeping it modern and expressing a moment.
“I wanted something that when you to flip through the pages of a magazine it will stop you. And I think that the images stop you. Indeed, they do, Grace. Thank you for your artistry and the modern yet timeless elegance in advertising of Tiffany & Company. For certain, Legendary Icons, indeed

Tiffany's Advertisements & The Timeless Christy Turlington
Tiffany’s Advertisements & The Timeless Christy Turlington
Legendary Style & Timeless Icons:  Tiffany's & Christy Turlington
Legendary Style & Timeless Icons: Tiffany’s & Christy Turlington


Of course, a nod to the three other distinctive and beautiful women selected by Grace Coddington who mark the Fall 2016 Campaign with distinctive appeal. In full color against the “Tiffany Blue” hue. Impact of beauty and legendary style, for certain.

“The authentic, powerful portraits include Oscar®-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, actress Elle Fanning, as well as maternal health advocate and model Christy Turlington Burns, and model Natalie Westling wearing Tiffany jewelry and photographed by David Sims. Mirroring the print campaign is a cinematic black and white video series directed by Sims, where each woman shares her interpretation of legendary style. Chosen for being true originals, this talented cast wears iconic Tiffany designs that reflect both their style and identity.”
-Tiffany’s press release/2016 Legendary Style Campaign


Natalie Westling,Lupita Nyong'o and Elle Fanning
Natalie Westling,Lupita Nyong’o and Elle Fanning

Personally, of all the images in the campaign, it is the images of the iconic Christy Turlington that garners my focus yet again. On selecting Christy Turlington for the campaign Coddington shares that “She’s the most beautiful woman in the world”. Christy simply perfects Coddington’s goal of a subliminal visual of a jewelry advertisement and yet keeping it very modern. Beyond an object and a woman the concept of legendary remains. Tiffany & Co. has proven itself to be enduring, timeless and “Old and new” at the same time. Evolution of a legend. Evolution of style. Evolution of fashionable embellishments that endure to appeal to the Modern woman. Timeless, onward.

“Women of substance, sophistication and style have worn Tiffany jewelry throughout the company’s 180-year history. The campaign imagery captures the way in which Tiffany designs transcend time, transforming the wearer and irrevocably changing the way they move through the world”
-Tiffany & Co.

Appreciation of a model and a timeless emblem of fashion that both move forward in modernity of elegance and simplicity. Bravo, Coddington and Tiffany & Co.  So it was on Magnificent Mile of Chicago, outside our very own Chicago Tiffany & Co.,  when I spotted Christy Turlington gracing a bus stop poster against the robin blue hue of Tiffany’s iconic blue.  Determined to bring further attention to both icons, it is my hope that this acknowledgement of a jewelry campaign and a model provides appreciation.  The art of fashion and timeless elegance.  Elegance will always endure…with a fresh dash of modernity, indeed.



Chicago's Magnificent Mile & Fashionable Style:  Christy Turlington & Tiffany's
Chicago’s Magnificent Mile & Fashionable Style: Christy Turlington & Tiffany’s

PS: Blue, Tiffany blue, is a very extraordinary Color. New York is an extraordinary city. Christy Turlington is an extraordinary model and Tiffany’s is timeless. Old & New, onward. -Kristin


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