Elegance In Proportion: The Distinctive Style Of The “Demilune” Table

The Demilune Table:  Distinctive Style

The Demilune table (pronounced dem-ee-loon) is also referred to as “demi-lune”. A console table in a “half circle” style. Stunning where found, this distinctive table grace’s the wall in which it is placed against. Demilune is French for “Half Moon” and is also referred to as ‘half round’, ‘half circle’ or ‘crescent’. The defining feature of a Demilune table is it its shape. The unique semi-circular shape which is designed to flank a wall, is “Flush” with the wall in style, indeed. Deriving from a larger family of tables known as “Console Tables” (Console, meaning “Bracket” in French. Who knew?), the stunning addition of the Demilune, designed specifically for the purpose of standing against a wall, is worthy of a tribute of its own…

The Demilune table reached a height of popularity in France during the 1700’s. With designs and resemblances of Louis XVI and Neoclassical designs from furniture craftsmen such as Hepplewhite and Sheraton, it is no wonder that this timeless design has remained a classic that is continually incorporated into interiors. These elegant tables that appeared in French entryways were perhaps the ‘perfect fit’ in the long and narrow foyers of the 18th century townhouse. Originally carved from mahogany, satinwood or walnut, these ‘half-moon’ tables were featured with inlaid patterns, carved fretwork, scrolls or floral motifs and tapering feet. A typical Demilune has three to four legs, depending upon the design. If the table has three legs, two legs are located on the side of the table which is placed against the wall and the third leg is located in the center of the arc of the circle. Of additional interest, some Demilune tables were built as ‘drop leaf’ tables that allowed both sides to ‘flip up’ or down. Versatility, for certain. Of course, modern takes on these classic designs add a new flair to the interior with modern elements of design. Although some “Demilune” designs include storage space in the form of a drawer, those that include additional storage space underneath beyond a drawer are not the focus of my attentions when referencing the “Demilune”. It is the elegance of the table itself that wins praise for its stylistic design. It is interesting to note that today Demilune tables are referenced by designers as the most well known console table of all. Timeless elegance.

Perfect in smaller spaces or long and narrow foyers, fitting where a round table might not, the space saving provisions these graceful tables of distinctive style gift the space they dwell in is countless. Imparting style within a limited space. Brilliant design of functionality paired with style and grace.

The Demilune:  Half-Moon Style That Flanks A Wall With Distinction
The Demilune: Half-Moon Style That Flanks A Wall With Distinction
Bracketed, Bolted Wall Art With Function:  The Demilune
Bracketed, Bolted Wall Art With Function: The Demilune

The splendid addition of the wall-mounted Demilune table, designed to be bracketed or bolted to the wall, certainly solves any additional interior space issues or simply provides a statement of its own. Distinctive design that is a consideration for interiors lured by its simplicity, beauty and additional space provisions.

Wall Style:  The Demilune Table
Wall Style: The Demilune Table
Styled Flair:  The Demilune Table
Styled Flair: The Demilune Table
The Demilune:  Classic Elegance In A Half Circle
The Demilune: Classic Elegance In A Half Circle

A befitting sentiment of these tables with semi-circular shapes: “As graceful as their name implies, Demilune tables have long held high status among their console counterparts”. Graceful with an enduring presence, for certain. The blending of an elegant appeal to the interior with an “Against the wall style” that enhances the interiors that they dwell within. The design that ‘hugs’ the wall, eliminating corners to ‘bump’ into further supports its practicality in narrow hallways and foyers. Perfect traffic flow. Although certainly not limited to the foyer or entry, the Demilune table complements a wide range of interior styles. Whether gilded or gold leafed, painted or ornately carved, whether inlaid adornment or layered with a marble top or of modern construction with classic appeal, the timeless design of the Demilune will remain a constant within interiors. A unique accent piece poised distinction with form and function. Unparalleled design whether enhanced with ornamentation or simplistic elegance of design. An elegant pairing of distinguishable beauty with practical design, for certain. And of the addition of a pair of deminlunes? Flanking a doorway? Stunning, if space provides for this visually appealing balance in design. Accentuation with style. Elegance in proportions with distinctive style, indeed.



2 thoughts on “Elegance In Proportion: The Distinctive Style Of The “Demilune” Table

    1. Thanks for sharing! They are a stunning solution for styling and coordinating with smaller spaces, for certain! (Whether you follow “less is more” or even “more is more”!) Great to learn you, too, adore them!

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